The Baker’s Kitchen

By October 15, 2016Recent Work

This client had a strong desire to get organized, she just wasn’t sure how to begin, so she called Top Shelf to help her get started. She has several areas in her home that she would like organized, but her main area of frustration was the kitchen. Because it’s not a large kitchen she has a couple of pieces to help supplement what she is lacking in cupboard space and had purchased/been gifted bins and stacking shelves to help the organizing process. She’s also a baker but her supplies were scattered all over the kitchen. After we pulled everything out of the cupboards she set to work sorting what to keep and what to get rid of while I started making a plan for the kitchen. The result was a more cohesive kitchen with items creatively arranged so everything she used regularly was right in the kitchen and things that were used less frequently were in the supplemental pieces.

I was also able to organize her china cabinet to display some of her nicer pieces and she was thrilled with the results in both her kitchen and the cabinet.

Slide the blue line Left and Right for the Before and After.

Once the kitchen was done we had extra time so she asked if I could also organize their bar area. We did a little bit of purging in the process but for the most part it was just rearranging items and making the whole space flow and “look pretty”.

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