The buffer zone – What is it and how do you get it?

By October 13, 2015February 4th, 2016Weekly Tip

When you organize a space, it’s so tempting to fill every available space possible and make it all look neat and tidy, and that’s great, but what happens when new things come in and need a home? Uh oh. Sure, your pantry looks great now that you’ve finished organizing it, but what happens when you go grocery shopping next week and new boxes, jars and food items need a space on the shelf? Yes your closet is neat and organized and every space is full and it looks so pretty and wonderful, but what happens when you buy a new sweater or a new pair of pants?

Here’s the tip – you have to leave a “buffer” zone when you organize. Don’t try to fill every nook and cranny. Leave some room. Spread things out so the space looks full but always allow enough space so you can push things together, or down, or back, or aside, to create more space when (and it’s definitely “when”) you need it. Or better yet, if it’s possible have an entire shelf, drawer or some other surface space to place new items until you can swap out the older items they’re replacing.

The goal is to always keep the space organized (yes yes yes!) but it’s not going to stay the exact same way forever. If you’ve hired a professional organizer in the past you know this already. Items come and items go; new books get bought, old out-of-date clothes make way for new trendier items, new make up gets experimented with, shoes change with the seasons. So, in anticipation of this ever-changing life we live, always try to leave that buffer zone when you can. In doing this your newly organized space will have a better chance of beating the odds and actually staying organized.

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