The Garage Job

By June 21, 2016September 11th, 2016Recent Work

These homeowners had a house fire and after 14 months they were finally able to move back in to their home in early 2016. The wife tackled the inside of the house, but the husband’s domain was their 2 stall garage and they called in Top Shelf to help get him unpacked and organized.

I met with them in early April and they purchased the recurring package to get the garage organized. The husband already owned several large filing cabinets along with one shelving unit we utilized in the storm shelter. We were able to use those (pictures below) and in addition to what he already owned he had cabinets installed along part of the back wall and bought 2 more shelving units (1 more for the storm shelter and a larger one for the center section of the garage.

2 months later, after a lot of sorting, purging, donating and selling, rearranging, re-planning, re-labeling and finagling, we were able to get their 2 stall garage organized with all the bins labeled so now the husband will know exactly where everything is. He and his wife are thrilled with the results and I was so excited to see the finished result.

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