The Playroom… Again

By June 29, 2016September 9th, 2016Recent Work

This couple recently purchased a new house for their family of 5. They stayed in the same area of Nashville so while it wasn’t a difficult move distance-wise it still required moving and then setting everything up in a new house. Thanks to some great friends they were almost completely moved in pretty quickly, except for the new playroom. I came in shortly after they moved in and got everything put away and organized so the girls could have their own space in their new home.

In the old home the playroom had previously gone from a messy playroom to an organized arts and craft room. The wife wanted to keep that, but also give her youngest daughter a place to play with her toys. As the girls continue to grow this room will continue to change, but for the moment mom, and the 3 girls, are happy to have a place just for kids.

Oh, and that gigantic unicorn in the corner? It got moved between the girls room and the playroom before Mike deflated it and tucked it away, just waiting for the next pool day.

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