To keep or not to keep, that is the question…

By September 7, 2015September 28th, 2016Guest Post, Weekly Tip

It’s time for another guest post! I’m sticking with Laura from because I think she has great, practical advice that can help everyone with organizing. And she’s really nice too.

This is an excerpt from a blog post from WAAAAY back in 2012. It’s called ‘How to make decisions about your stuff when you hate to make decisions’. For the people who want to purge before they start organizing (which really should be everybody, let’s be honest), but have no idea how to go about that, Laura has 5 tips to help make the decision easier. Her 5th tip is asking a friend. She writes:

Friends see things that we might not and are coming from a viewpoint perhaps completely different than our own. This is helpful when we have alternate scenarios to choose from and can’t make up our minds on something. Whether it’s deciding if we should toss a sweater we’ve loved for perhaps far too long or the color of paint to choose for our walls, friends can be valuable resources. An honest friend that can gently say to me, why in the world would you ever keep that shirt, is a friend I want in my life forever. Just be careful not to ask too many friends for opinions at one time as you’ll only make things more complicated for yourself.

What are the other 4 ideas? Click the blog title and check them out.

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