Here’s what people are saying about Top Shelf Organizing:

Best decision I made! My closet was an absolute disaster before Jenna came to the rescue. She made it look like a showroom. I know exactly where everything is, and it has made it so much easier to put clothes away after laundry day! Thank you Jenna!

DianaEast Nashville, TN

I highly recommend Jenna and her team of professionals!

ErinHendersonville, TN

Jenna and her team were so helpful! She organized my kitchen and pantry. Everything is in its place and it all makes perfect sense. It’s been easy to keep organized as well. I highly recommend Top Shelf for your organization needs!

ReaganMount Juliet, TN

When I initially contacted Jenna, I was very apprehensive that she would be able to accomplish what I had envisioned for my home for years. She came over, and when she didn’t immediately back out, I felt more comfortable. I told her exactly what I wanted and she seemed to understand. She was very encouraging that it could be done. I had my doubts. When Jenna and Sarah came into my home, I was so nervous that they would judge me about the clutter and “junk” in my home. That never happened once. They were kind and constantly reassured me that my house “wasn’t that bad.” I never once felt intimidated or overwhelmed. They have gone through each and every single room, and closet, and drawer, and nook and cranny in my almost 5,000 square foot home. They broke it all down into manageable, bite-sized pieces that I could handle. They made the purging and organizing make sense to me. I have told them stories and memories, and they have always been kind and patient and listened to everything I had to say. I have come to treasure them as friends and absolutely love all that they have given me. It goes far beyond organization with them. It is true friendship, and an invaluable relationship that is exactly what I needed. We are in our “maintenance” phase, and truly look forward to every time they are in my home. I should also mention the difference that they made in my children. My middle daughter cleaned out her backpack and wanted to them how she had organized and purged it. This is not like her. My youngest daughter “cleaned” and “organized” her bedroom and kept repeating “see mama, everything has a home.” It has been nothing but amazing to see the actual effect they have had on my family. I cannot recommend them enough to anyone and everyone who needs help like I did.

EmilyMurfreesboro, TN

Wow! Jenna helped my family with an organizing task we have struggled with for years. Friendly and efficient, her service truly is top shelf!

PeggyCleveland, TN

Jenna is fabulous and so fun to work with! She is mindful of how you function so that you can maintain the space. She is also the only organizer I found that offered a package deal. Jenna made the entire process so easy! I highly recommend Top Shelf organizing. The best organizer in Nashville!!!!

HomeownerWest Nashville, TN

Jenna is not only professional and hard working, but also extremely kind and easy to work with. She goes beyond the call of duty to make sure her clients love the outcome. I would recommend her to anyone needing organization in their home or business, or even if you just need a friend.

KellyEast Nashville, TN

How much do I love Jenna Nelson? Well, thanks to Jenna, my pantry is organized, I can almost always find my keys, I can look in my closet and see all of my favorite clothes, know that they fit and make me feel great, and I finally let go of the corduroy pants I've had since college. Oh, and I no longer feel compelled to hoard tissue paper.

What else? Jenna is non-judgmental, kind and a steady friend who shows up, on-time, ready to work. At first, I felt vulnerable exposing my "systems" to a stranger who claims to be a professional organizer but I could tell instantly at our first meeting that she really loves people, knows and understands that we're all doing the best we can, and shows up with an open heart, capable hands, and a cheery attitude, all of which says: "you don't have to do this all by yourself, it can be done, I'm here to help you, so let's get started!".

I purchased the repeating package and together we set up a series of small half day jobs which over the course of about 6 months left me with a house that runs smoother, stays more organized and feels more peaceful. I've loved getting to know Jenna and seeing her wield her God-given gifts in a way that's such a valuable service. With summer around the corner, I'm planning to have her back to help me pack up my tights, boots and sweaters to make way for the sandals and sundresses. I can honestly say, I've missed her and can't wait to get back to work! That, I've NEVER said about house work or organizing. Thank you so much, Jenna!

ElizabethEast Nashville, TN

When we moved into our home, I was pregnant and planned on organizing our basement full of decorations, extra kitchen supplies, tools and outgrown clothes while on maternity leave. With three small children, holidays, and returning to a full-time job, I got overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. After staring at the mess for two years, I contacted Jenna to save me. She efficiently organized our basement in a way that made sense and left me with room to continue the process. Jenna utilized our built-in shelves in a way that everything is visible and has an easy to identify “zone.” It has made putting things away so much easier because everything has a spot! By getting me started, I feel much more confident about continuing our storage organization. Thanks, Jenna!

AnneMarieLudington, MI

Topshelf organizing is the best thing that happened to our house in 2020. We lived in our house for 2 years and still had not completely unpacked. In addition, what was unpacked was very unorganized. I love the work that they did. My house feels like a home. I have a place for my things and thus I know where they are when I need them.

AltheaNashville, TN

As a realtor, so often preparing a home to sell has much more to do with organizing than it does redecorating and bringing in furniture for staging. Jenna with Top Shelf Organizing is my 100% go-to. I don’t trust anyone else to properly organize the home so it is both functional for my sellers and appealing to potential buyers. Using Jenna saves my clients hundreds on expensive staging (moving seller’s furniture out and staging furniture in) and re-decorating, and it allows me to get top-dollar for my clients. On the flip-side, my sellers can then utilize Jenna and Top Shelf in their new home to help organize well from the beginning. In the world of professional organizing, Jenna is the best.

MattMovement Property Group

Jenna came in to a fairly overwhelming situation and helped us easily break down what needed to be done and how to do it. If it wasn’t for her, I’m not sure I’d ever have known where to start. She inspired me to think of how I used my things and showed me ways to organize them that lined up with how I worked, not just how she thought was best. She is a professional who can see past the clutter to what could be.

HomeownerHendersonville, TN