Here’s what people are saying about Top Shelf Organizing:

Wow! Jenna helped my family with an organizing task we have struggled with for years. Friendly and efficient, her service truly is top shelf!

PeggyCleveland, TN

Jenna is fabulous and so fun to work with! She is mindful of how you function so that you can maintain the space. She is also the only organizer I found that offered a package deal. Jenna made the entire process so easy! I highly recommend Top Shelf organizing. The best organizer in Nashville!!!!

HomeownerWest Nashville, TN

Jenna is not only professional and hard working, but also extremely kind and easy to work with. She goes beyond the call of duty to make sure her clients love the outcome. I would recommend her to anyone needing organization in their home or business, or even if you just need a friend.

KellyEast Nashville, TN

Jenna helped me unpack my kitchen when I moved several months ago, and I am STILL amazed at how wonderfully organized it is! I never could've done it on my own, but I've been able to maintain the organization since we unpacked it, which is the best part. It's amazing how much joy an organized kitchen provides.

WesleyEast Nashville, TN

How much do I love Jenna Nelson? Well, thanks to Jenna, my pantry is organized, I can almost always find my keys, I can look in my closet and see all of my favorite clothes, know that they fit and make me feel great, and I finally let go of the corduroy pants I've had since college. Oh, and I no longer feel compelled to hoard tissue paper.

What else? Jenna is non-judgmental, kind and a steady friend who shows up, on-time, ready to work. At first, I felt vulnerable exposing my "systems" to a stranger who claims to be a professional organizer but I could tell instantly at our first meeting that she really loves people, knows and understands that we're all doing the best we can, and shows up with an open heart, capable hands, and a cheery attitude, all of which says: "you don't have to do this all by yourself, it can be done, I'm here to help you, so let's get started!".

I purchased the repeating package and together we set up a series of small half day jobs which over the course of about 6 months left me with a house that runs smoother, stays more organized and feels more peaceful. I've loved getting to know Jenna and seeing her wield her God-given gifts in a way that's such a valuable service. With summer around the corner, I'm planning to have her back to help me pack up my tights, boots and sweaters to make way for the sandals and sundresses. I can honestly say, I've missed her and can't wait to get back to work! That, I've NEVER said about house work or organizing. Thank you so much, Jenna!

ElizabethEast Nashville, TN

When we moved into our home, I was pregnant and planned on organizing our basement full of decorations, extra kitchen supplies, tools and outgrown clothes while on maternity leave. With three small children, holidays, and returning to a full-time job, I got overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. After staring at the mess for two years, I contacted Jenna to save me. She efficiently organized our basement in a way that made sense and left me with room to continue the process. Jenna utilized our built-in shelves in a way that everything is visible and has an easy to identify “zone.” It has made putting things away so much easier because everything has a spot! By getting me started, I feel much more confident about continuing our storage organization. Thanks, Jenna!

AnneMarie Ludington, MI

I moved to TN in April 2018 and by November, my garage was so cluttered I could barely get my car in, let alone open the door to get in or out! I did my research and based on all the positive reviews, asked Jenna to help me. Jenna immediately went to work, helped me make decisions to throw out/donate/keep. Believe me, it was hard but once done, oh what a feeling🎶🎵! She was an absolute pleasure to work and collaborate with. Thank you, Jenna ❤️

J. VoseBrentwood, TN

As a realtor, so often preparing a home to sell has much more to do with organizing than it does redecorating and bringing in furniture for staging. Jenna with Top Shelf Organizing is my 100% go-to. I don’t trust anyone else to properly organize the home so it is both functional for my sellers and appealing to potential buyers. Using Jenna saves my clients hundreds on expensive staging (moving seller’s furniture out and staging furniture in) and re-decorating, and it allows me to get top-dollar for my clients. On the flip-side, my sellers can then utilize Jenna and Top Shelf in their new home to help organize well from the beginning. In the world of professional organizing, Jenna is the best.

MattReal Estate Agent with Keller Williams

Jenna came in to a fairly overwhelming situation and helped us easily break down what needed to be done and how to do it. If it wasn’t for her, I’m not sure I’d ever have known where to start. She inspired me to think of how I used my things and showed me ways to organize them that lined up with how I worked, not just how she thought was best. She is a professional who can see past the clutter to what could be.

HomeownerHendersonville, TN

My husband and I had recently decided to put our house up for sale. We inquired to our realtor ‘what should we do to make our home more marketable?’ She replied ‘organize your clutter’ So I called Top Shelf and made an appointment with Jenna to come and help start that process.
She tackled my pantry and within hours had it flowing, organized and functional. Oh, and PRETTY!!
It works so well and is so purposeful that a month later it still looks organized and clean.
The other upside of this was the spark that it started in me to organize my whole kitchen. Jenna taught me and encouraged me along the way to make a simpler space that functions in the way I use it, even continuing to send me tips, photos and encouragements via text weeks after the project was done.
I can’t wait to have her come out again and work her wonders on another area of my house!

Tracey Scottville, MI

Jenna was such a creative and hard worker for me while I was closing my store. She has such a great attitude, was able to organize my store and keep plugging away until all was done to perfection.
I can’t speak highly enough of her work ethic and energy.
Jenna put me at ease with such a massive task and because of her
I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
I am grateful; what a true gem!

Kathy Curious Heart Emporium. Nashville, TN

Jenna was a great benefit to a disorganized back office. She is efficient & dependable. Jenna has a great work ethic with a knack for always being ready for the next task… I could not be happier with the organization & progress made while I had Jenna on the books at Tweed Baby Outfitters.

Maggie Tweed Baby Outfitters. Nashville, TN

I have worked with Jenna during the closure of a multi-store retail chain. Her help was indispensable in keeping the store neat & orderly during a chaotic time… During a store closure, the merchandise & stock levels are never constant & Jenna’s organizational skills proved to be a tremendous asset to the company.

CaseyWarehouse Manager, Big Box Outlet Store. Monroe, WA