Trash bags…. A post about trash bags…

By July 11, 2016Weekly Tip

Here’s a second tip in the “garage series”:

Trash bags. What can one say about trash bags? Not much so I’ll just get to the tip. A handy way to store trash bags is with a paper towel holder. It can be a standing one or one that you hang on the wall. If you do the wall hanging one, just make sure it’s sturdy. And when I say sturdy, I mean S-T-U-R-D-Y. Have you felt how heavy a single roll of trash bags is? Very! Way (“weigh” – haha) more than a paper towel roll! So, to avoid a costly repair (if that thing fell off the wall it would definitely do some damage) make sure the holder you get is more than a simple tension rod with a couple of 3M Command Hooks. You also have to make sure the paper towel rod is skinny enough to fit through the center of the bags. Remember those 2 words – sturdy and skinny. Sturdy and skinny. Sturdy and skinny…

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