What else lies behind the door?

By February 1, 2016January 24th, 2017Weekly Tip

Kitchen cupboards can hide a lot of horrific scenes behind those little doors. I have a friend who has a rule that only a professional cleaner can go through her cupboards before the rest of us see them should she meet an untimely end.

One way to combat this is to run to the dollar store, buy some plastic bins (make sure they are small enough to fit your kitchen cupboards but large enough to hold the items you want to contain) and put all the random kitchen appliances and utensils in them. That way instead of digging through your cupboards and making an even bigger mess, you can simply pull out a bin and easily see what you have.

Another way to keep those under-the-counter-clutter-collectors contained is to remove all the items that are taking up space (so, everything) and as you look at each piece think to yourself, “Do I really need this? Have I used it since putting it in here? Do I even know what it is?” If you haven’t used it (even if you’re waiting for that one opportunity you’re sure will happen someday soon) or you have multiples of the same item, or you have no clue what it even is, you might as well pitch it… And by pitch I mean donate. Or sell it if it’s never been used. However you may choose to get rid of the excess, do it. Once you pitch those extra items, it will be easier to keep track of what remains and have an organized cupboard that’s not busting out at the seams or an embarrassment to you.

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