When the lack of something inspires creativity

By January 11, 2016June 25th, 2016Weekly Tip

I spent this past weekend down on the gulf coast of Alabama with a dear friend and her adorable little family. It was my first time down there and amidst playing with her 2 little boys, looking at the gorgeous sights of the bay, and catching up on life with her, I completely missed an awesome organizing idea until right before I was about to leave!

Ashley and Andrew live in a great house, which they love. But there is one area Ashley is frustrated with, and that’s the issue of a mud room. The house just doesn’t have the space for one. So the duties of a mud room get split ¬†between different areas. And one of those areas is the garage. I know, I know “what’s awesome about that?” but wait! It’s in a very cool and very unique way! She and her husband (it was his idea) took a regular multi-level shoe rack, stacked it on a 2×4 and drilled both the shoe rack and the piece of wood into a stud in the wall… in the garage… right outside the door that leads into the house! Brilliant!

Now, one thing I should mention is Ashley and Andrew have steps up to their door, so don’t think they just randomly mounted a shoe rack to the wall and that’s why it’s a good idea.¬†Ashley and Andrew can easily reach out the door and the shoes are right there are the top of the steps. I can try to explain it more but the picture is the best way to show it off.

I know this isn’t a typical “Eating an Elephant” blog post, but tuck this idea away for future use. I know I will!

P.S. Ashley was not happy that the shoes weren’t organized when I snapped the picture (without her knowing it), but apart from the top shelf (no pun intended) it’s actually quite good!

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