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By February 4, 2016September 9th, 2016Recent Work

I met with this family over the 4th of July weekend and right away I was excited to work with them. Their house is full of amazing built-ins and has so much storage space it is an organizer’s dream house. And the family is pretty awesome too.

The family of 3 had moved in to the house 2 years prior and didn’t know how to properly utilize the storage spaces they now had. The main areas that needed help were the master bathroom, master closet and master bedroom, the storage room, the junk drawer and the counter space above it in the kitchen and their daughter’s playroom.

The wife did an awesome job at purging as we went along, and we were able to get the entire job done in just 2 days. Now they have results they can live with and, more importantly, maintain. And now everything in their house has a home.

Slide the blue line right and left to see “Before and After” pictures

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