Wouldn’t it be nice… to have a linen closet?

By June 13, 2016July 21st, 2016Weekly Tip


Linen closets. Everyone loves them, but not everyone has one. Sometimes you have to get creative with your linen storage so here’s an easy way to store linens if you don’t have any other closet space available: A shoe rack. Not an over the door shoe rack like last week’s tip –  a cubby shoe rack similar to this one. With this handy cubby system you have a simple, easy-to-see and easy-to-organize unit where you can separate your different cloth napkins, kitchen wash cloths, bathroom wash clothes, kitchen towels, sheet sets, full towel sets… The list can just go on and on depending on where your need is. Whether you need it for the kitchen, the bathroom, the guest room, or all of the above, this organizer can help you out.

It will need a bit more upkeep (since you can’t just squash everything on some shelves and then close the door) but in the long run it will make things so much easier because you will know what you have and you will be able to find it right away. No more digging for matching napkin sets or a matching towel set when guests are dropping by. Everything will be right in front of you and easy-to-see.

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