You threw WHAT into the dryer?!?!

By July 4, 2016July 21st, 2016Weekly Tip


If you have a front loading washing machine this idea is perfect for you. Did you ever throw a load in to the washing machine only to come back and find a perfectly sweet and well-meaning person threw everything in to the dryer – including those specially made, NEVER-to-be-dried jeans and now they’ll never fit the way they used to? This didn’t happen to me personally, but it did happen to a friend of mine and let me tell you, she was bummed. To avoid mishaps like this in the future, the next time you throw your clothes in the washing machine and have to leave the house, take a dry erase marker and write on top of the washing machine what CANNOT go into the dryer. So brilliant! So easy! And so nice to not have to worry about well-intentioned people accidentally ruining your clothes.

Thanks¬†mother’s niche¬†for the great idea!

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